Gioielli in Fermento in Paris: Bijoux en Effervescence

LA Joaillerie par Mazlo, Paris
February 16th to 30st 2019

Selected works from Gioielli in Fermento are going to be shown in PARIS at LA Joaillerie par MAZLO. This happens after a year of travelling exhibitions started at Villa Braghieri last May, where the City of Castel S. Giovanni Award has been celebrated, supported by Allied Group.

Located in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, LA Joaillerie par MAZLO was founded in September 2010 by author jeweller Robert Mazlo, with the ambition to promote the various forms of expression of contemporary author jewelry. The thematic collective exhibitions aim to associate artists from different disciplines, thus encouraging a transversal and humanist dialogue between artistic mediums, beyond traditional boundaries. Its principal areas of interest focus on artists working with a narrative and/or figurative approach, challenging their medium and know-how, and most of all, fueling their works with deep poetic or philosophical meanings.